One of only Two 50 metre pools in Atlantic Canada

Swim Schedule

***Lane availability is limited in the evenings because of aquatic club bookings.

Hover your mouse cursor over the block of time and the lane availability (where applicable) will be visible on the side.
The numerical listings under Lane Swim are a reference to the number of lanes available during that time period.

How to Read the Schedule:
Deep lanes (total of 6 at 25m)
Shallow lanes (total of 6 at 25m)
Long Course lanes (total of 6 at 50m)

In certain instances the public pool space may be temporarily unavailable due to competition events or special programs. We at Centennial Pool will do our best to provide the most advance notice of such closures and events. 

While our staff make sure to have the schedule up to date, errors in the schedule can occur. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our patrons and will put forth our diligent effort to prevent any errors from occurring


Due to a large influx of swimmers to our facility because of local facility closures, we will be implementing a
4-swimmer limit per lane during our evening lane swims starting January 31, 2017!



Viewing the Swim Schedule

To get the most out of this calendar widget, we’ve made sure to make as many options and as much information as easily-accessible to you as possible.

1. Our default layout for this calendar is the monthly view. To switch to weekly for better visualization of our schedule, use the drop-down menu at the top right of the widget. You may switch to Monthly view, Weekly View, Daily View, and Agenda mode.

2. All of our type-specific events are colour coded to make organization and visual ease better. Use the drop-down menu labeled “Categories” at the top left of the widget to view only events listed under one type.

3. Hover over any event to view important information. This includes: The start and end times of the event, additional information regarding the event, and, in the case of lane swims, the lane-availability!

4. Click on any event to view the full details.