One of only Two 50 metre pools in Atlantic Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

About the facility

How deep is the pool?

16ft/5m at the deepest; the shallow end is 3.3ft/1m.

Is your pool accessible?

Yes,  lane 6 in both deep and shallow ends are prioritized for patrons who require more accessible lanes.

Why is the pool so cold?

The pool is kept at about 27°C (80.6°F). The pool temperature is controlled by an automated system which work simultaneously with the controlled air temperature to ensure the pool never gets too hot or too cold.

Is the pool water clean?

Yes, we maintain a chlorine level sufficient to kill off bacteria in the water quickly, and use an advanced diatomaceous earth filtration system to clean impurities. Our lifeguards test the pool water on an ongoing basis to ensure high quality and cleanliness.

How tall are the diving boards/platforms?

The shortest springboard is 1m; the taller springboard and the shortest platform are 3m. The remaining dive platforms are 5, 7.5, and 10m tall.

Can I jump/dive off the tallest diving platform?

No, the top two levels of the diving tower are reserved for the use of our diving teams. It wouldn’t be safe to allow untrained patrons to use them.

Are you affiliated with HRM?

This is an HRM owned facility, operated on behalf of HRM by the Centennial Pool Association.

Where can I watch my child’s practice?

Centennial Pool has a viewing gallery accessible from the lobby. Ask for directions at the front desk.

About swimming at Centennial

If the lane is already in use, should I wait, or hop in?

Unless the lane is already crowded*, you can share with other patrons. Please choose a lane with swimmers going about your speed. Let them know you’re going to enter the lane by sticking either your foot or a kickboard in the water and waiting for them to acknowledge, and use circle swimming to avoid collisions. Any lifeguard on duty can help you further with lane etiquette.

*As of January 31st, 2017, we have a 4-swimmer cap per lane during busy public swim times.

What is circle swimming?

Circle swimming is a simple method used when sharing a lane with other swimmers. Simply agree to stay to the right side of the lane while swimming, no matter which direction you’re swimming. If you’re swimming with a buddy, swim one behind the other, not side-by-side. Like the rules of the road, this will help you avoid collisions. If you need to rest, simply stay in any corner of the lane.

Can I jump off the diving platforms?

The 3m diving platform and 5m diving platform are open for use during Open Swim* times for patrons to use. You are welcome to use those boards to make a big splash during those times!

*Open Swims are hosted only during the summer months (July-August). They will not be hosted during the summer of 2017; therefore, the diving platforms will be off limits to patrons for the time being.

During lane swims, no diving platforms are available. The 7.5m and 10m diving boards are reserved for dive teams only for safety reasons.

Is the pool closing?

Further to recent media reports about the future of the Centennial Pool, we want to assure our loyal patrons there are no immediate plans to replace the pool and no specific timelines for when a replacement for the pool will come to fruition. Rest assured that when plans start to come into focus for a new pool, we will publicly share those details with you.

The confusion about the future of the pool arises from the recently finished Long Term Aquatic Strategy that was presented to Regional Council on Tuesday, May 14.

In that strategy there is a commitment to “initiate the development of a business case that includes an evaluation of partnership opportunities, approaches, design funding, cost-benefit, risk, economic impact, and locational siting options for the replacement of Centennial Pool with an updated regional training and competition hosting aquatic facility.”

For more details on the future replacement of the Centennial Pool, you can read the report here at item 15.1.4:

Swimming lessons


Where can I get more information about an advanced aquatics course?

At the moment, we are unable to offer swimming lessons due to limited lane and time availability.

For courses offered at Centennial Pool, basic information like prerequisites are listed here. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our Aquatics Director, preferably by email.

How long does my certification last for?

All advanced aquatics and first aid certifications are good for 2 years from the certification date, however employers may require more frequent re-certification.

I want to join a swim/dive/synchro/water polo team – can you give me information on the teams or how to join?

The teams that practice at Centennial Pool are listed here – you can contact them directly for information on joining the team, or the sport in question. Regrettably, due to the number and variety of teams using our facility, Centennial Pool staff are typically unable to provide detailed information, and will simply direct you to contact the team in question.


I want to be a lifeguard – what qualifications do I need?

The first step is taking Bronze Medallion, then Bronze Cross. Following that, you can take the National Lifeguard Service and Standard First Aid courses, which certify you to be a lifeguard anywhere in Canada.                                                                       Please contact the front desk for information on when the courses will next be offered.

Are you hiring?

If we are, job opportunities will be listed here. However, please feel free to submit your resume. If we’re not currently hiring, we’ll keep it on file.