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October 4, 2021

Please see this Public Service Announcement from HRM regarding the current status of Centennial Pool:


Work by municipal staff is continuing at Centennial Pool. The facility closed in March 2020 due to COVID-19.  

The facility remained closed through to Fall 2020 to facilitate the replacement of a filtration system, in addition to regularly scheduled maintenance work. Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on labour and materials, some of this work was delayed. The scheduled work was completed in December 2020, however, equipment issues and a leak in the pool tank was detected while testing the new filtration system, causing further delays to the reopening of the pool. 

All planned repairs have been completed; however, additional leaks were found when water was added to the pool. The source of these additional leaks is unknown at this time. The rate of water loss has been improved from previously completed repairs but the leakage is still beyond acceptable limits to reopen the facility.

The work done to date has not been a loss; several leaks and code issues were corrected by these efforts and this continues to improve the state of good repair of the facility. The repairs completed include re-grouting of the pool tile, removal of the obsolete/redundant piping system (which was observed to be leaking), removal of the original main drains (also observed to be leaking) and replacing with new drains that meet modern safety codes. A specialized team has been assembled to systematically review all existing pool systems and the condition of the pool. The pool systems were previously checked, but they will be reviewed again to verify nothing has changed during the recent repairs.


For further information, please call 311.  

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