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Notice to our parkers:

The municipality recognizes the urgent and serious challenges being faced by those experiencing homelessness. Treating people with dignity, while working to find ways to best support them within our capacity and scope as a municipality, is a top priority.

On Nov. 9, 2021, Regional Council approved allocating $3.2 million dollars towards the purchase, installation and maintenance of modular units, at two sites, to accommodate unhoused individuals in our region. One of these sites will be in Halifax and one will be in Dartmouth.

The Dartmouth site will be on Alderney Drive, near Church Street.

The Halifax site will be located on a portion of the parking area of the Centennial Pool. Based on single occupancy, this site will be able to accommodate 38 individuals.

Key factors in helping choose this location include but are not limited to the property being owned by the municipality, it meeting the applicable zoning requirements, and it being located within reasonable proximity to important supports and services that occupants may need, including transit.

Based on current projections, installation of the modular units at the Dartmouth site is expected to be completed by late December 2021 and at the Halifax site by late January 2022. Exact timing for occupancy is dependent upon the province, which is responsible for placing individuals in the modular units and providing wrap-around services through its service provider.

Those with parking passes, who will be impacted, are being contacted by Centennial Pool staff.

For more information on the municipality’s approach to homelessness and initiatives to support affordable housing, visit our website.

Information on off-street lots and HRM parking permits are available here and here.

Centennial Pool’s Front Desk is now open (Monday-Friday 7:30am-2:00pm) for Daily and Monthly Parking purchases

January 17, 2022

Please see this Public Service Announcement from HRM regarding the current status of Centennial Pool:

Repairs have been completed for the top portion of the deep end and the shallow end.  

This upcoming week will allow the repairs to cure.  In two weeks the pool will be cleaned, gradually refilled and testing of the pool.

For further information, please call 311.  

Parking Charges Have Resumed

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